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Адаптивное знание как условие гуманизации современной педагогической практики

№ 12 December 2015 | Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Адаптивная педагогика в решении задач формирования гуманизма и самореализации личности

№ 2 February 2017 | Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Некоторые аспекты использования основной структуры плана-конспекта классного часа в структуре непрерывного образования педагогов

№ 4 April 2017 | Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Психолого-педагогические основы формирования потребности в здоровьесбережении у обучающегося

№ 4 April 2017 | Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Svinarenko V.G., Bokova E.V., Kriulkin I.V. Socialization as a condition optimum for the reproduction of social and professional relations in models of adaptive teaching practice

July, 2015

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Ostryakov I.A., Ostryakova S.V., Ostryakova D.I. Adaptive pedagogical knowledge in the model of preparation of future teacher of physical culture

October, 2015

Chepkasov A.S., Zubanov V.P., Svinarenko V.G. The possibility of using teacher modeling in solving the tasks of the course "Theoretical Pedagogy"

March, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Schwarzkopf E.Y., Yachmenev I.Y., Svinarenko V.G. The specificity of the applicability of adaptive knowledge in the structure of training of future teachers

November, 2015

Kamalov N.V., Zubanov V.P., Svinarenko V.G. Adaptive pedagogy in the professional training of future teachers of physical culture

April, 2016

Askarova A.R., Zubanov V.P., Svinarenko V.G. Features productive training in modeling tier technology

February, 2017

Kamzarakov A.S. Some opportunities and pedagogical conditions of socialization in sport

March, 2017

Arbuzov A.O. Specificity of detection and determination of pedagogical conditions of socialization in sport

March, 2017