Кувайцев Александр Вячеславович1, Мукминов Рамиль Раисович2
1Димитровградский инженерно-технологический институт филиал национального исследовательского ядерного университета «МИФИ», студент
2Димитровградский инженерно-технологический институт филиал национального исследовательского ядерного университета «МИФИ», старший преподаватель кафедры иностранных языков

В данной статье описаны основные факторы влияния интернета на человека. Тема особенно актуальна сегодня, когда речь заходит об отсутствии контроля над интернетом, неконтролируемой подаче информации различной аудитории, что в конечном счете пагубно сказывается на формировании морально-нравственных ценностей подрастающего поколения.

Ключевые слова: иностранный язык, интернет, информационные технологии


Kuvaytsev Aleksandr Vyacheslavovich1, Mukminov Ramil Raisovich2
1Dimitrovgrad Engineering and Technological Institute of the National Research Nuclear University MEPHI, student
2Dimitrovgrad Engineering and Technological Institute of the National Research Nuclear University MEPHI, senior lecturer faculty of foreign languages

This article describes the main factors of the impact of the Internet on human. This topic is particularly relevant today, when it comes to lack of control over the Internet, uncontrolled presentation of information different audiences, which ultimately adversely affects the formation of moral values of the younger generation.

Keywords: foreign language, information technology, Internet


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Кувайцев А.В., Мукминов Р.Р. The influences of Internet on the person // Современные научные исследования и инновации. 2017. № 3 [Электронный ресурс]. URL: https://web.snauka.ru/issues/2017/03/80034 (дата обращения: 22.05.2024).

Today human are bombarded by huge amount of information and entail consequences. Modern society can be characterized as information society, the main wealth of which is information. Objective law of development of that society was the intensification of information processes: increase transmission rate message; this increases the amount of information transmitted is accelerating its processing. This process may have a negative effect on a person, leading to information overload, which in turn weakens the ability to think and reflect.

Modern Russia is in a period of fundamental transformation of social, cultural, informational device of public relations. Under the influence of globalization, the system of openness there are new values and priorities, changing standards of behavior, historically used by the company in daily activities. The most dynamic environment and mobile part of society that is responsive to all the changes, is the youth, and specifically student.

Rapidly developing processes in modern society, affected all aspects of life, leading to the realization of the significance of the features of development of social consciousness of people, their communication, interaction and relationships in all aspects of.

The Internet is an interconnected computer network, a global system of information transfer using information and computing resources.

This topic is particularly relevant today, when it comes to lack of control over the Internet, uncontrolled presentation of information different audiences, which ultimately adversely affects the formation of moral values of the younger generation.

The impact of the Internet on people, the “pros” and “cons”.

The advantages of the influence of the Internet[1-4]:

Today on the way of development of computer information technology is almost completely absent any barriers. Step for step with the development of this vast information structure development is interconnected with other systems – virtual reality. Virtual reality systems are increasingly involved in the process of human life, and society as a whole.

Today information and communication technologies provide unprecedented opportunities for children’s learning and creativity. The Internet is designed to develop the abilities of children. For example, the main activity of a teenager – teaching, during which the teenager not only masters the skills and techniques of obtaining knowledge, but is enriched with new meanings, motivations and needs, possesses the skills of social relationships.

The Internet is increasingly becoming a library of knowledge not only for teenagers but also for all people needing to obtain information. The world wide web with each passing day increases to thousands of people. The Internet audience is growing, increased levels of awareness at certain events, which, of course, has affected society. The network changed the structure of modern society. Uniting each with each, she made the world a neighbourhood, destroying geographical barriers.

The Internet has such unique features[2]:

• global – provides immediate access to information from around the world;

• lack of control that exists in other electronic media, not bound by geographic location, gives you the ability to publish information outside the control of governments, monopolies;

• has low barriers to access, low cost of creation and distribution of information;

• unlimited ability to hold information;

• allows communication of one person to another, one person to many people, and many people with one person;

• no connectivity to any infrastructure except the telephone system.

Cons the impact of the Internet[3]:

The society welcomes new passion is ambiguous: on the background of admiration for the capabilities of the computer betrays a wariness, and in some cases direct condemnation. The Internet in the Russian mass consciousness appears primarily a giant repository of information.

Some computer games provoke, according to the authors, aggressive behavior, glorification of war and violence, right-wing extremism. As the negative effects of computer games to the point of narrowing the range of interests of the teenager, the desire to create your own world, escape from reality.

With the development of technology of virtual reality systems, and the growing number of people interested in this phenomenon. “Chat” with virtual reality for most people is common today, at the level of virtual computer games. Virtual reality is stronger than any video game, and fall into dependence on it very easily.

The creation of virtual identities is the character of the age and is associated with self-determination. In adolescence are becoming more frequent crises, uncertainty, when “I” is a teenager blurred.


The Internet occupies an important place in the life of the individual and society as a whole. The Internet has become the primary sources of information that shape human consciousness. If a century ago the inner world of people formed on the basis of their personal interaction, professional activity, travel, today does not need to be a very active person to learn the news from the other side of the planet, there is no need to leave home to communicate with people. Therefore, the impact of the Internet on human impact as “positive” and “negative.” The Internet is having a huge impact on the human mind, largely shaping their stance and outlook.

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