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Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Становление профессионализма человека и проблемы профессионального развития личности

№ 7 July 2013 | Category: 19.00.00 Psychology

Профессионализм как форма конструктивного проявления и развития индивидуальности человека

№ 3 March 2014 | Category: 19.00.00 Psychology

Этническое самосознание современных студентов

№ 2 February 2016 | Category: 19.00.00 Psychology

Особенности взаимосвязи рефлексии и социометрического статуса современных подростков 14 -15 лет

№ 12 December 2016 | Category: 19.00.00 Psychology

Связь самооценки студентов вуза с уровнем их общительности

№ 4 April 2017 | Category: 19.00.00 Psychology

Представления об образе физического Я в структуре самосознанания личности

№ 2 February 2021 | Category: 19.00.00 Psychology

Articles in journal «Humanities Scientific Researches»

Korotenko T.N. The role of consciousness and will in the process of learning a foreign language

November, 2015

Ivanchenko V.N., Plotnikova E.S. The problem of self-determination within the framework of domestic and foreign psychology

March, 2017

Articles in journal «Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy»

Fadieieva K.M.O. Body image components and its part in teenagers socialization process

September, 2013

Khudoyan A.S. Psychological feautures of 25-35 age crisis

May, 2014

Erokhin I.U. Cultural and organizational activities of the cossacks to create artistic images

July, 2014

Hajiyeva C.A. Self-relation of adolescents with deviant behavior

January, 2015

Raeva D.A. Theoretical aspects of the I-image of modern teenagers

October, 2016

Lobanova A.V. Forming schoolchildren's ecological self-awareness

March, 2017

Prikhodko N.А. Features Image-I young people prone to food addictions

March, 2017

Articles in journal «History and Archeology»

Koroleva L.A., Korolev A.A., Molkin A.N. Ethnic question in the USSR (the 1950-1980th)

October, 2014