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Перинатальные хосписы и их роль в развитии перинатальной медицины

№ 12 December 2015 | Category: 14.00.00 Medicine

Продовольственная безопасность России: состояние, перспективы и условия обеспечения

№ 1 January 2016 | Category: 09.00.00 Philosophy

Kurbanova K.R., Novikova E.S. The implementation of virtual and augmented reality technologies in medicine industry

№ 6 June 2022 | Category: 08.00.00 Economics

Kurbanova K.R. The implementation of augmented reality technologies in Leroy Merlin to attract consumers to interact with the company

№ 7 July 2022 | Category: 08.00.00 Economics

Articles in journal «Humanities Scientific Researches»

Kozhukhovskiy A.N. Application of modern innovative technologies in the manufacturing process of architectural models to achieve its high aesthetic artistic level

April, 2015

Kozhukhovskiy A.N. The role and importance of humanitarian, technological and aesthetic areas of activity of the designer to work on the layout, their relationship with the design and architecture

May, 2015

Lihacheva K.E. The effective using of modern methods at the foreign language lessons in non-language high school

December, 2016