Mordvintsev Dmitry Nikolaivich
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK)

This study focuses on the problem of efficiency of activity and ways of preparations in the forms, which are characterized by: the need for an emergency mobilization of forces, striving for the highest achievements, high neuro-mental tension; an extreme situation caused by the attitude of the subject of activity to it, and its objective conditions. As such activities in the present study deals with the activity of athletes of mixed martial arts, namely their actual competitive activity. Features of competitive activity of athletes of mixed martial arts can be expressed through such factors as diversity, activity, time, technical and tactical actions of different nature. Data obtained regarding these indicators can be used as the information, leading to the creation of new and more effective methods of training athletes in mixed martial arts. Studied statistical characteristics of some indicators of competitive activity of athletes-participants of competition in mixed martial arts the highest level of achievement. It is established that in the first place by frequency of use (quantitative characteristic) is striking. The obtained data about that battle in the supine position is the main time of the match, in contrast to competition in the rack. The data presented here can be used as a guide in preparing for the competitions of sportsmen of different level of achievement. It is possible to carry out the planning of training athletes for this sport with a view to exceeding these parameters, modernization of the existing tactics of the battle, neutralizing the strengths of the opponent, as well as the invention of new technical and tactical skills of conducting fight. To achieve the greatest efficiency in the study and the formation of technical and tactical preparation of athletes of mixed martial arts, it is necessary to carry out the constant monitoring of the competitive activities that can give information to build an effective system of training. In this case, the received information is a prerequisite for the establishment of technical-tactical, psychological, etc. resources needed to successfully counter the opponents of various levels of style and craftsmanship.

Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

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Characteristics of competitive activity of athletes of mixed martial arts // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2016. № 7 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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