Tontoeva Tuyana Vasilyevna
Buryat State University
Teaching Fellow of Oriental Languages Chair

Communication as the basis of any human activity plays an important role in professional formation of the future specialist. The knowledge of the main regularities of a process of communication, understanding of its essence, possession of skills of communication, ability to apply them cause result of professional activity.
Lawyer’s professional activity has its own specificity that, in turn, marks an imprint on business professional communication. In this regard, at a stage of training of future lawyers it is necessary to pay special attention to formation and development of communicative competence of students of law departments.

Keywords: lawyer’s communicative activity, legal educatuin, training of specialists of higher school

Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Article reference:
To the issue of lawyer’s communicative activity // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2016. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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