Rossova Yuliya Ivanovna1, Prohorova Tat’yana Igorevna2
1Arzamas branch of Nizhny Novgorod State University, candidate of pedagogical sciences, ssociate professor of the Department of pedagogy and psychology of pedagogical education
2school № 16, Arzamas, teacher of history

The article reveals the views of the famous teacher and educator of late XIX - early XX centuries V.P. Vakhterov concerning the problems of moral education of the younger generation, it analyzes the aims and objectives of his «new pedagogics» in relation to the development of the moral values of pupils, deals with the formation of humanitarian attitude in the children's community. The article shows the generality of V.P. Vakhterov and contemporary research issues of spiritual and moral education, it emphasizes the significance of scientific breakthroughs of modern pedagogical theory and practice.

Keywords: individuality, moral education, pedagogics of cooperation, pedagogics of non-violence, spiritual and moral values, V.P. Vakhterov

Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Article reference:
Issues of moral education: «new pedagogics» of V.P. Vakhterov and modern pedagogy // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2015. № 10 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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