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Margianti E1, Kurpayanidi Konstantin Ivanovich2, Tashpulatov Kuddusbek Ahmatjanovich3
1University of Gunadarma
2Fergana polytechnic institute
3Fergana polytechnic institute

In this paper we consider regional marketing from the perspective of improving the competitiveness of the national economy, particularly its individual regions.

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Regional marketing as a tool of increasing the investment attractiveness of the Fergana valley // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2015. № 1. P. 2 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://web.snauka.ru/en/issues/2015/01/41347

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Issues of managing socio-economic development of regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including Fergana Valley, need to be considered from the position of systematic approach. Lack of systemacy, understanding the importance of using a marketing approach in the management of socio-economic development of the territories cannot get the synergistic effect from the implementation of management decisions of different levels of government. And as a result, prevents the achievement of the main objectives of the region and the country, aimed at improving the quality of life of the population. With the purpose of expanding the possibilities of increasing the investment attractiveness of the Fergana region of the local administration, public organization, the media, it is advisable to master marketing technologies. The active use of regional marketing is necessary for the creation, maintenance of behavior, and to increase the popularity, activation of existing capacity, and increase of market and investment attractiveness, by creating additional customer value. Also, it can be said that the population may contribute to the creation of a positive image and maintain the image of the region.
It is known that the main subjects of regional marketing include consumers, resources of territory and brokers. Consumers of territory must include:
• state and municipal organizations;
• commercial enterprises;
• tourists;
• potential investors;
• foreign students;
• foreign labor.
Resources of the Fergana region include enterprises and labor force. To intermediaries, i.e. the subjects involved in the process of promoting the Fergana region should include government, the Chamber of Commerce, higher education and research institutions, the media, travel agencies and others. At the interregional investment market, with the aim of ensuring a high level of competitiveness of the Fergana region, in our opinion, it is necessary to generate attractive investment climate for potential investors and establish a system of involving all forms of capital in regional projects; to ensure the use of the investment potential in order to achieve strategic objectives of regional development. So, one way of attracting investment is a business of a foreign investor, the growth of which necessitates the production of the marketing of foreign markets.
In modern conditions, with the purpose of promoting investment projects, regional community, and local governments must independently take an active role in attracting investment. This process can be performed using, Investment Marketing, as a tool of investment development of the region, in an increasingly inter-regional and international competition in the commodity and investment markets. Also, with the aim of attracting direct investments, promotion of foreign trade and enterprise investments, the system of the methods of fiscal and monetary policy can be applied.
Investment Marketing is a set of methods for studying the markets, attracting and retaining investors in key sectors of the economy of the region and maintaining the region’s competitiveness on international markets, thus providing a high level of efficiency from attraction and use of investment resources. This type of marketing is needed to finance investment in the sphere of economy, in order to ensure a certain type of service customer with innovative, market-practical knowledge in the field of investment, while ensuring activation of the investment processes and increase of competitive production possibilities. In our opinion, the inflow of investments should also be directed at the promotion of competitive products and technologies on the external to the region market, the development of import-substituting industries, the introduction of innovative technologies and industrial modernization, strengthening and diversifying export potential. The bases for investment marketing of the region are researches of outside socio-economic environment and investment markets for further development of the strategy of marketing of investments. Development of the strategy must be begun with a definition of the objectives, priorities of investment, export and import policy and the priority sectors of the economy. It is necessary to pay special attention to the definition of the competitive advantages of the Fergana region in the system of foreign economic relations, on the external to the region markets of middle-level, based on a system of internal conditions in the strategic analysis of the internal environment.
With the purpose of making effective investment decisions and the development of investment strategies within the investment marketing it is necessary to rationally conduct continuous monitor the situation of the investment market. Formation of motivation as a driving mechanism, regulating the actions of the subjects of investment transactions, is the main objective of the investment market. The functioning of this market is provided by its infrastructure within which system of rules, norms regulating investment activities are defined and implemented. Analysis of the current market conditions and forecasting enables to obtain complete information on the current and forecasted investment market development options, based on which it is advisable to carry out the subsequent market segmentation to identify strategic target segments and the development of measures to accumulate the necessary processes.
Ranking Fergana region as an investment product, tells us what kind of investors are interested in it, especially, as well as for any product or service, the region is most suitable. Understanding who is primarily interested in the area, allows to get perceptible results faster. Thus we reach the solution of the main problem – the volume and direction of information that will be distributed with the object of attracting interest to Fergana region.
Marketing of the region includes the need of recording the interests and needs of consumers of territory, dynamics of existing and emerging markets; creating a favorable environment for adaptation of the local economy to external factors of the region; creating an attractive image of the region. One of the most important aspects of the marketing of the region is positioning that involves the specification of the most important aspects of the local community. The effectiveness of this process will be different from other local communities, in case if in accordance with the strategy in the minds of investors and partners to fix this or that notion about territory.
Thus, an essential tool of creating investment attractiveness of the local community is the marketing of the region, aimed at promoting the consumption value of the region with the object of creating a high level of image, promotion of local products, and in general to ensure a high level of competitiveness of the Fergana region.

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