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Mullajonov Baxodirjon Arabboyevich1, Mamirov Hudoyberdi Homidjonovich1
1Andijan Machine-Building Institute

Today, all areas are developing in close connection with information technology. In the field of CAD, software packages with different approaches have been developed and are now in a professional state. While AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, and many other programs design objects graphically, MathCad can create object designs using mathematical functions. In graphic form, the possibility of designing more complex objects will be wide. Mathematical design, on the other hand, is characterized by a high degree of precision.

Keywords: automated design systems, CAD, CAE-systems, CAM, information technology

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Mullajonov B.A., Mamirov H.H. Modern technologies in automation systems // Современные научные исследования и инновации. 2020. № 5 [Электронный ресурс]. URL: (дата обращения: 19.06.2024).

The role of Information Technology in the rapidly developing period of current science techniques and innovative technologies is incomparable.  Today, Information Technology has entered all spheres of our life and has become an integral part of it. In particular, the penetration of modern information technologies into the educational sphere makes it possible to organize the educational methods and the educational process based on new approaches.  With this, the process of obtaining education is gaining momentum and becoming qualitative. Information technology these are methods of processing information through various technical and software devices. As far as information technology is concerned, there is no way to dwell on the concept of computer. The computer is one of the most powerful and multifunctional tools ever created by humans. Today, computers are being used at this level so much that it is not possible to bypass it. It affects our activities in some way anyway. Increasingly, the services provided by computers are increasing and our work to do is becoming easier.

The use of information technology and tools is most effective in creating products, creating comfortable and up-to-date models. In the field of mechanical engineering, CAD, CAM, CAE programs are widely used in designing specific details of cars, creating new and modern models, and designing them. In the manufacturing process, engineers go through three stages. CAD review and design of drawings automation issues in the system, while in the CAM system, they create a mold of the details and in the CAE system calculate the important parameters of the structures such as durability, load-bearing, virginity, durability. These processes are an important factor in the creation of the product.

CAD below us will dwell in detail on CAM, CAE systems. CAD Systems (computer-aided design-the design of drawings on a computer) are often designed to project drawing ideas on a computer and create documents of constructiveness. Today’s CAD systems module includes the creation of three-dimensional structures and the formalization of drawing constructive documents. Today’s CAD module includes three-dimensional design and drawing design documentation.

CAM systems (computer aided manufacturing-Computer Aided Manufacturing Design) is a digital software management (RDB) that is designed to design on the desks during product creation and focuses on creating software for these desks. That is, milling, grinding, turning and milling machines. CAM systems can also be referred to as technological production preparation systems. At present, in practice, they are the only system that reduces the process of creating and creating complex profiling details. In this system, both CAD systems use three-dimensional models of the product from which the project was created. This system uses three-dimensional modeling of CAD systems as well. [1]

CAE systems (computer-aided engineering designing) are a very comprehensive system that includes specific engineering calculations, such as computing stability and stability, thermal event analysis and modeling, hydraulic systems and machines, creation, designing of foundry processes. CAE systems also use CAD based three-dimensional models. CAE systems are also referred to as engineering analysis systems.

Automation design systems is understood as the creation of a project based on human communication with a computer.  This process is an automated process. Automation design systems are called abroad CAD, and in the Commonwealth of independent states CAD (automatic design systems). It should be borne in mind that the concept of ALT or CAD is used in many meanings. Here only the drawing is a big mistake to understand the project.

The emergence of the first automation design system dates back to the 60-ies of the XX century. In 1955-1959, the software system API (Auticalical program tool-automated workbench program) was created at the Marsechusets Institute of technology under the leadership of Ross. Ayven Sereneland first introduced the CAD concept to science. The doctoral thesis of this scientist in this area is the theoretical basis of machine graphics. Subsequently, scientists from both the world and Uzbekistan have done great work in this area. Kunwoo Lee, I., one of the world’s scientistsP.Norenkor, V.N.Y.Malyux, V.P.Bolshakov, A.L.The works of Bochkov, which we have done Bahadir Ta’loyev, one of our scientists, have special attention. We can get a lot of information in this field by Bahodir Toloev from his book “Automation of Design Processes” published in 2008. Getting into this area requires us to have a thorough study of the programs in this area. The most modern of such programs can come from UGS NX, Auto CAD, Math CAD programs. Now let us dwell on it separately with each program:

UGS NX software-created by SIEMENS PLM Softwore, after the creation of this software, a very large gate of opportunities in the field of CAE systems was opened. The vehicle 3D model, created in the UGS NX application, has the potential to test the vehicle’s endurance in various situations of collision by testing the collision process.  If there were no such CAE programs, the manufacturing company would be able to test these models through real collisions and this would result in much greater economic costs. The UGS NX program covers quite a lot of modules, and these modules differ from each other depending on the area in which they are used. For the initial user, the interface of this program may seem rather complicated, but it is believed that during the study of this program it has a wide range of capabilities.[2]

Math CAD software is distinguished by the fact that the simple interface within the above programs has a simple look. Because of studying this program, some unforeseen aspects will begin to appear. The simple interface in the initial appearance does not interfere with the fact that this application has a very wide range of capabilities. If the expression in the Math CAD environment turns red, it means that there is an error in the calculation. In the event of such a situation, it is necessary to search for the error not from the program, but from the part where the expression is entered. Because Math CAD environment has the ability to solve almost all expressions that are entered correctly, only the correct inclusion of the actions is required.[3]

With the help of Math CAD software, a clear solution to the following expressions can be obtained:

-simple differential equations and systems;

- Solving linear and nonlinear algebraic equations and systems;

- Work with vectors and matrices;

- Solving differential equations with private derivatives;

- Search for the maximum and minimum of functional dependence;

Math CAD software is enriched with mathematical and physico-chemical forms, auxiliary manuals with programming elements. One of the most important aspects of this application is that it is possible to make a graphical view of the desired shape through a mathematical function.

The large-scale use of these modern applications in the enterprises of the industry leads to the conquest of high marks in automated design systems, the development of modern ones. In addition, the training of these programs in educational institutions providing education in this field will serve as the basis for the training of specialists and specialists not less than those working in developed foreign countries.

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