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Кувайцев Александр Вячеславович1, Мукминов Рамиль Раисович2
1Димитровградский инженерно-технологический институт филиал национального исследовательского ядерного университета «МИФИ», студент
2Димитровградский инженерно-технологический институт филиал национального исследовательского ядерного университета «МИФИ», старший преподаватель кафедры иностранных языков

В данной статье рассмотрены основные моменты для начала разработки приложений, такие как выбор IDE и установка Java. Кратко описана история операционной системы Android. Эта платформа активно развивается, а значит написание приложений очень актуально.


Kuvaytsev Aleksandr Vyacheslavovich1, Mukminov Ramil Raisovich2
1Dimitrovgrad Engineering and Technological Institute of the National Research Nuclear University MEPHI, student
2Dimitrovgrad Engineering and Technological Institute of the National Research Nuclear University MEPHI, senior lecturer faculty of foreign languages

This article discusses the highlights to begin developing applications such as the IDE and Java installation. Briefly describes the history of the Android operating system. This platform is actively developed, and therefore writing applications is very important.

Keywords: applications, operating system Android

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Кувайцев А.В., Мукминов Р.Р. Developing applications for Android in Java // Современные научные исследования и инновации. 2017. № 8 [Электронный ресурс]. URL: https://web.snauka.ru/issues/2017/08/84241 (дата обращения: 20.04.2021).

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday life, necessary both at work and at home. The device is not so complicated, it consists of several blocks and a built-in operating memory, CPU, needed for various computing, data storage and communications for the radio, turn formed from transmitter and receiver. From a simple mobile phone smartphone differ mainly by the presence of the operating system. From the working platform and its version comes all the basic functionality of the device and its capabilities. Smartphones and other media devices can be of various configurations and their work can be based on different systems. The article describes the Android platform from a well-known company Google.

The history of Android started back in 2002, when Google is interested in the achievements of Andy Rubin and decided to do this big project. And in 2007 Google decided to organize a big Alliance of developers of mobile devices with the aim to promote Android as an operating system for phones. As we can see today that they have turned out great. At the end of 2014, Android holds the leading market position in operating systems and share it at 48.8 %. Predictions about this platform is positive. Important aspects of the growth dynamics were such features as the openness of the system, the ability to make changes in the main application, quick and easy development. Therefore, the choice of developing apps for Android is very relevant.

The developer working with the Android platform are given the opportunity to write code in Java abstracting from the kernel. This operating system has such advantages as: a framework, a broad set of APIs to create various types of applications and enabling reuse and replacement of components offered by the platform and by other applications. As well as the presence of a virtual machine Dalvik that launch applications. In addition tools are Android SQLite database, 2D and 3D graphics, Media Player, communication, communications protocols and various libraries.

If you decide to create an application in Java for Android an open platform the first thing you need is the Java Development Kit from Oracle.

Java Development Kit is a cross –platform interactive package designed for developers working in Java. The kit consists of several components such as the java compiler, standard libraries, samples, and templates that utilities necessary for operation.

You need to install an IDE application to assist programmers in writing code. This app provides a concise set of tools like debuggers, compilers, and more. Such integrated development environments are used seasonally by developers and beginners who want to create an app

In the Internet there are many IDE, I recommend using the free software Eclipse, due to the fact that Google provides a plugin to integrate it with the Android SDK. If necessary, you can see the Eclipse, before you start work. To do this, open the Help window and read the guide Workbench User Guide. In this section there is a management Development User’s Guide required for the development of basic skills with the Java language.

Next, make to download Android SDK. Upon completion of the download the Executive file you want to run the installation. Android Software Development Kit consists of documentation, tools, a broad set of tools and a variety of examples. The SDK includes a debugger, a profile memory and performance needed to detect memory leaks and inefficient search codes, device emulator, tools required for communication with devices and creating packages.

Now that all the necessary applications and plug-ins have been installed, you can begin to code and design of the project.

All additional materials required for writing the application code can be found on the Internet. Upon completion, the development of software code and test the application you have a possibility to post it for downloading by users on Google play.

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