Krichkov А., Shnaybel О.

The article summarizes the results of biological and physical tests of the preparation "Star Dust" (SSH&H) which is classified as a photon preparation and has no analogues. Action mechanism of the preparation was determined. As a matter of explanation for the observable effect, the discussion part contains an assumption about the possibility of a process opposite to radioactive decay, i.e. initial nucleus synthesis from the daughter nucleus.


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Intersectoral AlMANAC 3 (36) Issue 2012, ISSN 2226 – 8472, pages 16 – 18.


Within the scope of professional activities biophysical studies of the preparation “Star Dust” (SSH&H) were conducted in the medical physics section. The preparation received state registration and was recorded in the state register.

Research was performed on a chemical-biological model in the facilities of the Laboratory of Russian Federation State Health Care Institution “Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology”, Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, and Federal State Budget-Funded Institution N.N. Petrov Research Institute of the Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health and Social Development. The results obtained from the research allowed for the following conclusions: an explicit effect of combating the carcinogenic factors (in the urethane group), a slowdown in the tumor development dynamics, a reduction of metastasis frequency, an express heroprotection effect, and a decrease of average body temperature by 0.2º С. Deceleration of malignant neoplastic process down to 59 %, complete resorption of malignant tumors up to 13 %, and extension of average and maximum expectancy of life were detected. Preclinical studies provided promising results in revitalization of the blood hormonal profile in the form of increase of somatotropine and testosterone concentration (in males) and reduction of lactogenic hormone.

Statistically-valid proofs were obtained that preparation “Star Dust” (SSH&H) has no toxic properties and that it is carcinogenicity and radiation safe. The promising research data, repeatable statistics and condition of the patients proved safety, reliability and efficiency of the preparation. Thereby, the product under investigation does not contain any active component and it is generally inert towards human body cells. Administration of the preparation has no effect on viability, proliferation limit, morphology, chromosome aberration frequency and telomere length in human cells. The study proved that the preparation is an absolutely natural product.

For the same reason, due to absence of any active component, the preparation was registered as a dietary supplement. In accordance with the legislative regulations, a drug preparation must inherently contain an active component.

The issue of greatest concern for the research teams was the action mechanism of the preparation. There was no explanation of the action mechanism whereas the preparation had a comprehensive positive effect on human physiology. For this purpose physic-biological studies were conducted.

Objective: to perform statistically valid measurement of changes in the specific activity of radionuclide in human body upon (oral) administration of the preparation. The preparation administered by humans was tested in the National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) for radioactivity and presence of radionuclides. According to the test reports Certificate of Conformity with Radiation Safety Criteria was obtained. Further tests were performed in the facilities of the Human Radiation Spectrometry Laboratory of Federal State Institution, A.I. Burnazyan Federal Medical and Biophysical Center (FSI FMBC) (former State Research Center, Institute of Biophysics). Equipment: a solid-state gamma-emission detector of Canberra Industries, Inc (USA) GC10021 No b08108 was used, fitted with pulse analyzer DSA-1000 No. 00000699 and software Genie-2000 (V3.2.1).

Measurement time: control measurement – 5 minutes. Experiment – 5 minutes. Total measurement time – 10 minutes. Control was arranged by peak area. The test results were as follows

Figure No 1. Control spectrogram. Figure No 2. Experiment spectrogram

By 40К (1460 keV), there is an increase from 1.727 × 103 Bq to 6.031 × 103 Bq and from 1.840 × 103 Bq to 5.067 × 103 Bq. Net peak area increased concurrently. Furthermore, there is a decrease in activity by Ra + dau, 137Cz.

Table No. 1. Changes in the net peak area by 1460 keV.



Error margin



± 6.91



± 6.97

In order to exclude any radionuclides by photon energy Е = 1460 keV, namely: 4019 К; 6528Ni», the preparation was subject to additional spectrometry test that did not prove presence of any radionuclides by these photon energies. The tested preparation is free from any chemical elements and possible radionuclides that could influence changes in human energy, in gamma-quantum spectrum. The preparation manifests its biological activity exclusively upon interaction with internal medium of human body.

Since observable change in the specific activity in human body within the gamma-quantum spectrum is identical to the photon flux, attributions of the preparation “Star Dust” (SSH&H) to the photon preparations cluster should be deemed correct. The tested preparation has no analogues.

The test results were subject to substantive examination in the spectrometry section and received expert appraisal from Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Scientific Centre Kurchatov Institute. The expert examination proved correctness and accuracy of the tests completed, and opinion was issued for application of the preparation “Star Dust” (SSH&H) as follows: “if we believe the submitted measurement data to be reliable, an assumption can be made that the cause of change in the readings is changing distribution of radioactive sources in human body due to administration of the preparation “Star Dust” (SSH&H)”.

The major action mechanism of the preparation in case of administration by humans is comprises support of human ability to generate an electromagnetic wave in the gamma-quantum spectrum regardless of the human age, which is natural for human physiology and consistent. With the course of time a reduction of average body temperature (entropy) is observed, than restoration of the blood hormone profile is evidenced. Cumulatively, the two effects make it possible to subject to remission diseases of various etiology and to cause principle slowdown of the physiological ageing process.

In the course of discussion of the completed experiments the question was raised that required explanations. Administration of the preparation results in statistically valid changes of activity by 40К (increasing activity and enlarged peak area), (Human Radiation Spectrometry studies) although the initial preparation demonstrates only trace quantities of potassium, which are physically unable to perform the observable reaction. On the other hand, should we suppose that the observable reaction is caused by the endogenous potassium which is distributed in the body, the observable biological effects would have been negative for a human. In the first instance, negative changes would have been recorded in the cardiac muscle functions. Excessive consumption of potassium would have been observed, since potassium is responsible for the myocardium pump function and exhausts steadily with advancing age. Potassium concentration in a human body has long been a prognostic of myocardium disorders. However, administration of the preparation strengthens cardiac muscle instead. Therefore, endogenous potassium cannot participate in the observable reaction.

This is administration of the preparation rather than endogenous potassium that causes the activity growth by 40К. The preparation contains Са (5%), which is a descendant nuclide to 40К. As a result of the nuclear reaction that occurs in human body upon administration of the preparation mother nuclide 40К appears from the descendant nuclide Ca as recorded by spectrometry. The reaction is short, but the time parameter itself claims attention, for the short period of time for enough for 1.248 × 109 years step back. This is how long it takes 40К to turn into Ca in a natural cycle. 40К existing on the Earth was formed concurrently with the planet emergence and since then the nuclide has gradually decomposed. Half-life of 40К is 1.248 × 109 years. The long half-life is the reason why 40К has survived to date. There are two patterns of 40К decomposition: with a probability of 89.28 % turns into 40Са, and with the probability of 10.72 % 40К turns into 40Ar.

A process opposite to radioactive decay, i.e. initial nucleus synthesis from the daughter nucleus could be an explanation for the observable effect. From the point of view of physics, this is a discrepant proposal. However, it is absolutely consistent where we observe the person who takes the preparation. A year of administration of the preparation stops physiological ageing in people, 16 – 18 months later stabilization occurs followed by return to the past. This is evidences by blood biochemical parameters. Concentration of somatotropine and testosterone in 50 years old men corresponded to the age of 37 – 40. Appearance improves up to what it was 5 – 8 ago without any cosmetologic manipulations.

Current physiological research correlated with human physiology provide more and more data proving that there are phenomena from the sphere of physics above human biology [1]. This is a suprabiological phenomenon. The phenomenon exists indeed, however, its effects can hardly be recorded by processing equipment, which makes conditions for the research specification still more complicated.

The importance of the suprabiological phenomenon can be determined by results of the above described tests. Actually, the reaction with gamma quantum release, which is recorded by a spectrometer upon administration of the preparation, lasts for 10-13 - 10-16 seconds. In this interval of time a physical return to the past occurs, 1.248 × 109 years back. These fractions of a second are enough for a human who takes the preparation for a year and more, to arrest age-specific changes and then to return back to one’s positive past times. In this case a physical effect incorporates a biological effect, no vice versa.

  1. Krichkov A., Shnaybel O. «Supraphysiological Mechanism of Ageing». 2012 ISBN 978-5-9973-1763-8. Modern scientific research and innovations. February, 2012. ISSN 2223 – 4888.

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