How to publish article in scientific & practical journal

We invite scientists, researches, Ph.D., students, professionals, managers, analysts, and consultants to publish their articles, reflecting results of scientific researches, results of the practice and projects.

All articles before publication are checking by program eTXT Antiplagiat. We publish articles with text uniqueness more than 65%.

There are 3 ways to publish your article:

1. Send via publication form.

2. Using journal's website author's interface.

3. Send by email.

Using journal's website interface:

1. You have to register on the website.

You can also log in using your Google account, Yandex,, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc.

You will receive letter by email with your login and password. When you log in the journal you can change your personal data in your profile or change the password.

To add new article click "Add post" in menu "Posts".

After editorial approval article will be published in scientific & practical journal and you will receive notification by email.

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