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Задания для развития информационной компетентности студентов педагогического вуза (на примере изучения курса «Профессиональная этика в психолого-педагогической деятельности»)

№ 8 August 2014 | Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Glushchenko V.V. The task of optimizing the level of information openness/secrecy in the activities of a commercial organization

№ 5 May 2021 | Category: 08.00.00 Economics

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Pokhorukov O.Y., Omelchenko M.G., Svinarenko V.G. Some ways of formulating and solving problems and productive problems in the structure of the course "Introduction to pedagogical activity" by the future teachers of physical culture

December, 2015

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Terskikh A.P. To the question of teaching students solving tasks simulation optimization by sampling

November, 2014

Ivanov A.Y. Formation of surface of rotation with 3D modeling

April, 2015

Gryzlova M.S., Novikova i.N. The teaching of informatics in the context of project management

June, 2015

Pokhorukov O.Y., Domullojanov H.B., Schwarzkopf E.Y. Some possibilities of determination of the category "education" in the structure of the training of future teachers of physical culture

November, 2015

Pokhorukov O.Y., Sodikov A.S., Schwarzkopf E.Y. Features category determination "learning" model of training future teachers

December, 2015