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К вопросу об оценке человеческих ресурсов

№ 11 November 2016 | Category: 08.00.00 Economics

Тема нераскрывшегося таланта в произведениях Д.В. Григоровича

№ 6 June 2019 | Category: 10.00.00 Philology

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Akhmadullina L.R., Shakirova A.Z. “The Beatles. Happy 50th” as means of creative skills and foreign languages uniting

April, 2013

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Komarova T.Y. Factors influencing the expression of children's giftedness and talent

February, 2015

Lunyakina S.A. Psychological problems of development of the personality of a talented child. (On the works of Vladimir Nabokov)

March, 2015