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Практика методики преподавания макетирования

№ 3 (47) March 2015 | Category: 18.00.00 Architecture

Сущность понятия «Макетирование» в контексте дизайн-образования. Роль макетирования в обучении методу художественно-композиционного моделирования

№ 7 (63) July 2016 | Category: 17.00.00 Art

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Panov A.B. The practice of teaching methods of prototyping

March, 2015

Merenyasheva M.A., Lyzina A.G. The essence of the concept of "Prototyping" in the context of design education. The role of prototyping in learning the method of artistic and compositional simulation

July, 2016

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Kozhukhovskiy A.N. Application of modern innovative technologies in the manufacturing process of architectural models to achieve its high aesthetic artistic level

April, 2015

Kozhukhovskiy A.N. The role and importance of humanitarian, technological and aesthetic areas of activity of the designer to work on the layout, their relationship with the design and architecture

May, 2015