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Роль объектов культурного наследия в развитии событийного туризма

№ 2 February 2016 | Category: 24.00.00 Cultures

Анализ британского опыта управления культурными процессами в стране

№ 6 June 2019 | Category: 08.00.00 Economics

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Особенности приватизации объектов культурного наследия

December, 2018

Культурное и природное наследие как инструмент развития территории: реалии Италии

October, 2021

Articles in journal «Humanities Scientific Researches»

Belskaia S.A. The problem of cultural heritage and cultural diversity preservation and their development in the international normative legal acts of UNESCO

March, 2013

Ahmadullina L.R. Role of information support for cultural tourism development

March, 2013

Belskaia S.A. To the problem of nternational system creation devoted to cultural heritage estimation.

April, 2013

Denina S.A. Modern value characteristics of the cultural heritage

April, 2014

Saratova A.A., Borisov A.A. Features of realization of the risk management system in the field of culture

October, 2015

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Demina S.A. Actualization of the educational potential of the cultural heritage in the modern cultural and educational space

March, 2014