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Казачество в свете национальных отношений: краткий дискурс по проблеме

№ 3 (35) March 2014 | Category: 07.00.00 History

К вопросу роли женщины и гендерных исследований при исследовании проблемы государственной концепции развития казачества

№ 10 (42) October 2014 | Category: 07.00.00 History

Этническая культура как особый тип культуры, ее особенности

№ 11 (43) November 2014 | Category: 24.00.00 Cultures

«Салернский кодекс здоровья» как один из памятников средневековой литературы

№ 2 (46) February 2015 | Category: 10.00.00 Philology

Мифологическая концепция Роберта Грейвса в современном литературном пространстве XX века

№ 5 (49) May 2015 | Category: 10.00.00 Philology

Борьба за умы и симпатии: кубанское казачье войско

№ 5 (49) May 2015 | Category: 07.00.00 History

Вольный Новгород: особенности респуликанского управления

№ 5 (49) May 2015 | Category: 07.00.00 History

Comparative discourse on challenges of young russians and americans today

№ 9 (53) September 2015 | Category: 22.00.00 Sociology

Историко-культурный портрет села Юрьево

№ 11 (55) November 2015 | Category: 07.00.00 History

Арзамас: историко-культурный портрет

№ 12 (56) December 2015 | Category: 07.00.00 History

Информационная война и бизнес

№ 2 (58) February 2016 | Category: 08.00.00 Economics

О казачьей русскости

№ 4 (60) April 2016 | Category: 07.00.00 History

Биография и жизне–описание: Взаимодействие или поглощение?

№ 10 (66) October 2016 | Category: 07.00.00 History

История и причина появлений английских заимствований в современном русском языке

№ 2 (70) February 2017 | Category: 10.00.00 Philology

Zlobin A.E. Длинная и изогнутая аллея между Стоунхенджем и рекой Эйвон символизирует тело египетской богини Нут. Курсус символизирует подземный мир Дуат древних египтян

№ 3 (95) March 2019 | Category: 07.00.00 History

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Lichutina E.I. Situational Judgment Test

January, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Erokhin I.U. Cossacks in the light of national relations: a brief discourse on the issue

March, 2014

Erokhin I.U., Arzhanova I.O. On the question of role of women and gender studies in the study of the state concept of the Cossacks

October, 2014

Arzhanova I.O. Ethnic culture as a particular type of culture and her features

November, 2014

Tarakanova A.A. Regimen sanitatis Salernitanum. The heritage of medieval Latin literature

February, 2015

Dzhaparova E.K. Robert Graves’ mythologıcal concept in the contemporary literary process of the XX-th century

May, 2015

Erokhin I.U. The struggle for the minds and sympathies: Kuban Cossacks cohort

May, 2015

Mazyrin A.N. Freestyle Novgorod – especially republican rule

May, 2015

Bragina V.D. Comparative discourse on challenges of young russians and americans today

September, 2015

Kondakova Y.A. Historical and cultural portrait of the village of Yuryev

November, 2015

Bybina E.V. Arzamas: historical and cultural portrait

December, 2015

Zaikin V.A., Chusovitina G.N. Information warfare and Business

February, 2016

Doroshin M.S. About russian cossack identity

April, 2016

Dunaeva Y.V. Biography and Life Writing: Interaction or Eclipse?

October, 2016

Dubs A.A. The history and the reason of increasing numbers of English borrowings in modern Russian

February, 2017

Zlobin A.E. Long and curved avenue between Stonehenge and Avon River symbolize the body of Egyptian Goddess Nut. Cursus symbolize underground world Duat of ancient Egyptians

March, 2019

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Erokhin I.U. «Freedoms cossacks» in the state system and the experience of the historical development

June, 2014

Lagunova E.V. Achievements of Urals exploration geologists in the Great Patriotic War

August, 2014

Arzhanova I.O. Historiography and methodological aspects of research issues of patriotism, the formation of patriotic consciousness

October, 2014

Arzhanova I.O. Social state: the principes and spirit of the functional

November, 2014

Moghaddasi M.H. Influence of rubber industry on shaping the contemporary image of sports shoe (the end of 19th -early 20th centuries)

April, 2015

Pustovoitov Y.L. The influence of main British historical events on English lexis

May, 2015

Tomin L.V. G. Deleuze and F. Guattari. Desire and history

July, 2015

Tisovskaya A.M. Zhelnino: history, toponymics and culture

November, 2015

Grechkovskaya N.S., Strakhova P.A. History and sights of the village of Kudeyarovo

November, 2015

Salyachiev A.G., Ustinova L.P. Nagaybaks: history and modernity

August, 2016

Burangulov B.V. Regional archives of the Southern Urals: preparation of collections of documents and materials on the history of the Great Patriotic War

September, 2016

Krukov A.V. The history of everyday life in the views of the founders of the school "Annals"

November, 2016

Verisova A.D., Lisnichenko M.O. English language in the modern world of history and reconstruction of XIV-XV

February, 2017

Articles in journal «Philology and literature»

Ryzhkova-Grishina L.V. Biblical theme in Tryapkin's creativity

June, 2013

Sharifova G.A. Tajik-Turkish literary connections: Tajik translations of Turkish literature

September, 2014

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Erokhin I.U. Small Cossack state: legal and ideological foundation

July, 2014

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Erokhin I.U. Cultural and organizational activities of the cossacks to create artistic images

July, 2014

Stavropolsky Y.V. Pearl string fallacy and living religion

November, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Lazareva O.A. Briefly about value of humanitarian disciplines in an education system

October, 2013

Articles in journal «History and archeology»

Erokhin U.U. The issues of formation of the state structure of the cossacks

July, 2014