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Управление доходами и расходами предприятия

№ 6 (50) June 2015 | Category: 08.00.00 Economics

Учет затрат и калькулирование себестоимости подсолнечника

№ 11 (55) November 2015 | Category: 08.00.00 Economics

Пути повышения конкурентоспособности предприятия

№ 11 (67) November 2016 | Category: 08.00.00 Economics

Современное назначение отчета о финансовых результатах в соответствии с российскими и международными стандартами

№ 12 (68) December 2016 | Category: 08.00.00 Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Zabolotckaia K.V. Accounting in organizations involved in innovative activities

May, 2014

Fateeva Y.V. Balance of the income and state expenses

August, 2014

Bragina V.D. Compilation of financial statements in Russia with IFRS requirements

September, 2015

Thamokova S.M. Use of cost accounting system "direct costing" agricultural organizations

October, 2015

Thamokova S.M. Improving the accounting of costs and calculation of the cost of corn in agriculture

November, 2015

Monadeeva U.M., Shiryaeva N.V. Influence and calculation factors of formation the income and expenses of the organization

March, 2016

Aleynikova A.I., Lymareva O.A. Factors that influence the choice of competitive strategy

June, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Nehai D.Y. Management of income and expenditure of the enterprise

June, 2015

Thamokova S.M. Cost accounting and calculation of the cost of sunflower

November, 2015

Aleynikova A.I., Geleta I.V. Ways to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

November, 2016

Novikova S.V. Modern purpose of the report on financial results according to the Russian and international standards

December, 2016

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Tashpulatova D.O.q., Makhmudova N.A.q. Problems and prospects of implementation of management accounting to business entities in Uzbekistan

May, 2016

Kovaleva N.N., Ermakova L.V., Melgui A.E. Profit as an economic and accounting category

August, 2016