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1Dovletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages, Lecturer in the Department of Roman and Germanic languages

Magtymguly Pyragy, renowned as the luminary of Turkmen poetry, has left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape with his profound philosophical insights and universal messages. His poetry, rich in moral teachings and timeless wisdom, resonates deeply with readers, transcending temporal and geographical boundaries. Through his verses, Magtymguly imparts invaluable lessons on life, morality, and the essence of poetic expression inherited from generations past. His words serve as a beacon of guidance, emphasizing virtues such as morality, unity, patriotism, and honesty, while urging humanity towards righteousness and piety.

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Poems of Magtymguly Pyragy, the candle of the Turkmen people’s poetry, have been published several times in different forms and reached our compatriots. People who read the works of the poet, rich in deep philosophy and broad meaning, highly appreciated the source and educational importance of the great works of the thinker. As it is known from the work of the poet, Magtymguly spoke wonderful ideas about life, morality, all the values related to the art of poetical speech, which were passed on from the ancestors. Accordingly, his words are wisdom, related to Sharia, religion and truth. Magtymguly Pyragy calls a person to morality, decency, humanity, unity, patriotism, honesty, commitment, patience, gratitude, honesty, discipline, piety, modesty, loyalty, tolerance, generosity.

However, it can be understood from his works that Magtymguly was a man of great talent. Few are the poets who are as great sages like Pyragy. Thanks to his wisdom, foresight, and the breadth of his vision, he was able to describe the future in his works. It is obvious to all of us that the issues he described have been emerging one after the other.

Each of the words of our sage Magtymguly is a legend to the person who understands, and each of his poems is a book. In his works, especially in the high-pitched poem ” Turgul diýdiler”, he describes in detail the situation he saw, the position and rank he was given. This poem is the beauty of his entire poetry and the key to all his secrets. The scholar constantly repeats his boundless love for Allah in his works.

Magtymguly, serden gitmez dumanym,

Men Haka aşygam, ýokdur gümanym,


Magtymguly, yşk oduna birýanam,

Il malyna, men halyma girýanam.[1, p. 52]

The fair evaluations given by famous scientists and historians living abroad to Magtymguly, the ideas about publishing and spreading his works around the world are of great importance.

Hungarian scholar Professor Armeni Wamberi praises Magtymguly in his article. In his research work, he noted that the poet’s character lacks arrogance, he wants gentleness, quietness, peace.

In another part of his article, he spoke about the positive impact of Magtymguly’s works on the people, saying: “Magtymguly fought against evil deeds such as theft, embezzlement, robbery, murder, and bloodshed.”

E.E. Bertels, a well-known Russian scientist, studied Turkmen literature and equated Magtymguly with “Jemşidiň jamy”. It should not only be a cup, but also a cup that reflects the world within itself when it is placed on the edge of the cup.

British traveler Hodzko translated five poems of Magtymguly into English and published them in London in 1842. Thus, for the first time, he introduces him to all European countries with five ghazals.

Sheikh Suleyman Bukhari places 18 of his written poems in the Chagatai-Osman dictionary published in Istanbul in 1880-1881 AD.

The famous scholar Radlov mentions Magtymguly Pyragy in his four-volume “Türk dilleri sözlüginiň tejribesi”. In his “Turkish-Russian-German Dictionary”, which has been spread to many countries, he mentions Magtymguly as an example of the great poets of the East and confirms that he is trusted one in the country.

In 1957, Y. Belyakov wrote an article entitled “Interesting Manuscript”. In the article, he said: “Turkmen living around Garrygala have a large volume of manuscripts written by Magtymguly, according to the Turkmens, Magtymguly writes that they bring this manuscript to Ashgabat every year in the meetings to be copied.

Y. Belyakov highly values Magtymguly’s life. He writes: “Maghtymguly is both a poet and a man who loves freedom and fights against power. Even his works are widely spread along the Aral Sea and among Karakalpaks.

Krymksiy Magtymguly published several poems. In the article dedicated to Magtymguly, he mentions: “He won the people’s love.”

In 1912, Abdyrahman Nyazy published a small divan consisting of 45 poems of Magtymguly in Astrakhan. He notes that Magtymguly is a poet who is widely spread among the people and deserves to be spread.

In the preface, Abdyrahman Nyazy provides extensive information about Magtymguly’s life and poetry. The famous historian, well-versed in the poetry of Eastern peoples, W.W. Bartold and famous Turkish scholar Fuat Köpürlizada left valuable information about Magtymguly. The works of these scientists, which made Magtymguly famous among the Russian and Turkish people, are a great contribution to the science of Magtymguly.

Fuat Koprilzade talks about Islamic general Turkmen literature published in French in Paris and expresses some thoughts about Magtymguly. He lists a group of mature Turkmen poets and says about Magtymguly: “The most important poet is Magtymguly. Magtymguly studied at Shirgazy Madrasah. Among their worksof Magtymguly, there are themes of war, as well as religious and moral issues.

Russian writer Pavel Lukichinsky in his story “Fisherman and Turkmen” mentions that the Turkmen fishers in the Caspian Sea read Magtymguly ghazals while they were working.

Until 1939, Akhundov Gurgenli compiled Magtymguly’s life, biography, folk memories and manuscripts about the poet, and published some of them to a wide audience that could be read throughout the year.

Magtymguly is a great classical poet, saint and thinker. Magtymguly Pyragy is a famous speech master who calls people to morality, decency, humanity, unity, and patriotism.

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