Gurbanowa Aygul1, Yazdurdyyew Muhammetaly2
1Dovletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages, Head of the Department of Turkmen literature
2Dovletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages, 2nd year student

This article highlights his early education under his father, Azadi, and his subsequent studies at various madrasas where he was exposed to both literary and scientific works of Eastern thinkers. The abstract also touches upon Magtymguly's friendship with Nuri Kazym and their shared aspirations for Turkmen independence, leading them on a journey through Afghanistan, India, Uzbekistan, and Turkestan.

Keywords: Azadi, educational path, His early years, Magtymguly

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Gurbanowa A., Yazdurdyyew M. The poetical path of Magtymguly Pyragy // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2024. № 2 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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Magtymguly, the son of Dovletmammet Azadi, made a lot of efforts to become a great master of words. The Turkmen people have created a huge amount of legends about this. A lot of poetical information is given in the stories about Magtymguly’s youth: “Gadry bilinjek däl”, ” Magtymguly Hakyň guly”, ” Derlemeli bolýar”, ” en ataňdan ozdurypsyň”. These data confirm that Magtymguly was accustomed to hard work from a young age and learned the magic of composing poetry.

Magtymguly received his first education from his father Azadi. Magtymguly wrote about this:

Doga kylsam jebr-u japa ekserdir,

Ylym ögreden ustad-kyblam pederdir. [1, p. 39.]

When Magtymguly took the example of his father and composed poetry, his difficulties in life were useful as experience.

A man named Niyaz Saleh also taught the sage Magtymguly. The good studying of the poet made Azadi and his mullah happy. Later, he studied at the “Gogeldash” and “Idris Baba” madrasas and studied the scientific and literary values of the Eastern thinkers Biruni, Farabi, Ibn Sina, Khorezmi, Novai, Nizami, Sagdi, Omar Khayyam, Ferdowsi, Yasawi, Ghazali.

There, the poet met and befriended a Turkmen called Nuri Kazym, who was invited from Syria to teach in the madrasa. A year has passed. Some of the moral disturbances that occurred among the students studying in that madrasah did not suit these two friends. First Nuri Kazym, then Magtymguly had to leave the madrasa.

Taking different paths to realize the dreams of the Turkmen people for independence, these two friends lived among all the Turkmen tribes.

He consulted with the people. Then the two friends went to Afghanistan, India, and after staying there for six months, they again passed through Kabul and arrived in the cities of Margelan, Andijan, and Samarkand in Uzbekistan. From there they went to Turkestan. They visit the shrine of Khoja Ahmet Yasawi in Turkestan. Then they went to Shirgazy madrasah in Khiva, which is considered one of the most glorious madrasahs of that time.

Reading many Islamic books and traveling to many countries broadens Magtymguly’s horizons. In the first year of his studies at Shirgazy Madrasah, he is among the talented students. In his second year, he becomes a mentor to other students. When Hezret Palwan, the master of the Shirgazy madrasa, went somewhere, Magtymguly began to teach instead of him. When Magtymguly and Nuri Kazym were in Khiva, a special section for Turkmen was opened in the Shirgazy madrasah.

Magtymguly is considered to be a scholar who foresaw a lot of things because of his intelligence, broad outlook and being a God-loving person. As Haji Abdyrahman ahun Garakchi Tengli wrote in his deep scientific book “Tenbih al-ahwan fi magryfät Magtymguly ishan”: “When the love of the dear Magtymguly settled in the hearts of the Turkmen, he spoke (his) words like gold scraped.”

Magtymguly Pyragy is one of the great servers who received a great share of wisdom and received the most information from wisdom. Magtymguly grew up in the hands of a scholarly father, studied at school, and became a professional scholar. In conclusion, Magtymguly is a religious scholar, a wise musician, and a divine lover.

Magtymguly’s poetry, his political struggle, his scientific, literary and religious preachings are wide and multifaceted. It is not by chance that many Orientalists evaluate the works of the poet as ” Jemşidiň jamy” that represents the world.

The master poet’s workshop and living room have been turned into a poetical house. The number of people coming to Magtymguly from different parts of the Turkmen land to listen to and get the new works of the poet. Because the people recognized him as a beloved poet, wise adviser. His works echo loudly in the poetry, in the minds of the community, in all parts of the country. Thus, the gold fund, which the great merchant left a memory to the last, reached his true heirs, that is, the Turkmen people, who study the good works of the past from a critical point of view. Because a beautiful thing, even if it is old, needs to be maintained. Don’t just keep it as a model, you should study the wonderful thing and not turn away from it. Magtymguly’s works have been distributed to the public many times with thousands of large and small editions. The works of the wise poet are read with great respect among many nations. Magtymguly is a precious stone, that is, in our time, a new ring shines with dazzling light.

When Magtymguly went to a priest named Niyazguly master, calling for a master, he refused to accept Magtymguly, saying, “We don’t need a poet who goes around saying what comes to his mouth.” Magtymguly writes his poem “Bilmezmiň”. In one place of that work, Niyazguly says that the teacher has not yet grown his wings. Here is the first verse of “Bilmezmiň”:

Galam alyp, namany gönderdigim bilmezmiň?

Efsun urup, hüthütni inderdigim bilmezmiň?

Arş üstüne galdyryp, mündirdigim bilmezmiň?

Dört gije, üç gün aglap, dyndyrdygym bilmezmiň?

Eşek münüp Isa dek, ýeldirdigim bilmezmiň? [1, p. 44.]

This work shows that he attained a high spiritual status by the help of God Tagala.

Magtymguly became a beacon of faith to our Turkmen compatriots with his thoughtful words, and he gave them faith in a happy hope.

Magtymguly was the source of faith and wisdom, and he gave the people of the country great hope and joy for the future. Magtymguly knew his fate with the fate of the country and lived as one soul and body.

Our great poet Magtymguly advised that one should have good morals, be clean, and be friendly with people.

Magtymguly is a great guide and thinker.

A man named Molla Shagurbat was the father-in-law of Dovletmammet Azadi. He later served at her door as one another. It is said that since he was a scholarly man, Doveletmammet (Old Mullah) bequeathed: “Whenever you want to invite me as a guest, invite Mullah Shagurbat first.” When Magtymguly was studying at the Shirgazy madrasa, Molla Shagurbat used to deliver food to Khiva. It is said that once when he went to Khiva, Magtymguly asked: “What’s the news in the village?” When asked, he says: “The village is in good condition, parents said hello.” “How is Mengli?” When he asked, his grandfather replied, “She was sent to the harvest gathering.” Then Magtymguly Ishan:

Bolmady bizge nesibäň, istedim güýzden seni,

Diýdiň: “Ötsün gyş, tapar men täze Nowruzdan seni”–[1, p. 45.]

It can be understood from his works that Magtymguly lived in Sonudag, Gyzyl Bayyr, Etrek regions. For example, he mentioned in one of his works that ” Aslym gerkez, ýurdum Etrek”, and in a separate poem:

“Kesgiç-kesgiç baýyr geçer,

Gyzylbaýyr göwün açar,

Sowuk çeşme suwuň içer,

Şonda dürli malyň seniň” [1, p. 46.]—

Gyzylbaýry is considered in this verse. The wise poet, in his work ” Şoňudagy”, claims that Gyzylbaýry is a very good place.

The works of the wise poet are read and preached with great respect among many nations and prominent scientists and poets.

  1. Magtymguly Pyragynyň kämil diwany. Eýran Yslam respublikasynyň Türkmenistandaky ilçihanasynyň Medeniýet merkezi. Aşgabat 2008.

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