Zlobin Andrei Evgenyevich
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Ph.D., mechanical engineer, mathematician

This paper describes results of 30 years of author's research concerning Tunguska impact (1908). The mechanism of Tunguska blast is determined as quick destruction of four main fragments of the comet in dense atmosphere. The structure of comet is determined, its substance and final size of each fragment. Detailed explanation of thermal damages due to explosion is described. More accurate coordinates of regions are obtained on the area of Tunguska site, where the most heavy sediments or fragments are possible to discover (meteorites). Quasi three-dimensional mathematical modeling of the impact was produced with the help of PIC-method (particle-in-cell method). It was shown that Tunguska-size comets are able to penetrate considerable deep into dense atmosphere due to decrease of drag effect. This decrease is explained by forward-directed jet from cavern of ice body, which located at the region of stagnation point. The author describes some stones which he found at the bottom of Khushmo River's shoal during 1988 expedition into the region of the Tunguska impact (1908). The idea is declared that main incoming of space substance to the Earth is provided by comets. Also the author declare that interstellar substance of Tunguska comet not considerably differ from terrestrial substance. This is explanation why scientists was not able to find substance of Tunguska comet during 100 years. The author suggests new vision of mechanism of initiation of life on planets after Tunguska similar impacts. This mechanism takes into consideration not only incoming cosmic organic substance but also information, which is connected to this substance. Mathematical metrics of atom of hydrogen is deduced which may be used for pattern recognition algorithm. In accordance to author's opinion, similar algorithm can promote evolution (transformation) of inert organic substance into living substance. There is additional information for emergency organizations for training of people against comets and asteroids danger, its mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic influence.

Category: 25.00.00 Earth science

Article reference:
Zlobin A.E. Results of theoretical, experimental and field research of Tunguska space catastrophe (to 110-years anniversary of the 1908 event) // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2018. № 6 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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