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Sysoev Pavel Gennadievich1, Mingalimova Alfiia Ravisovna2, Volynin Ivan Sergeevich3
1Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Candidate of Medical Science, Assistant of the Department of Phthisiology
2Izhevsk State Medical Academy, 6th year student of the Faculty of Medicine
3Izhevsk State Medical Academy, 6th year student of the Faculty of Medicine

Burnout syndrome are frequent among medical specialists. This study assessed the intensity of the burnout syndrome among tuberculosis specialists, aged from 23 to 62 years, with professional experience from 2 months to 37 years. We examined correlation between the intensity of burnout syndrome and age, professional experience and gender.

Keywords: burnout syndrome, depression, doctor, exhaustion, medicine, mental health, stress

Category: 14.00.00 Medicine

Article reference:
Burnout syndrome among tuberculosis specialists // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2017. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://web.snauka.ru/en/issues/2017/03/79878

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