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Novorotskaya Aleksandra Grigorievna
Institute of Water and Ecology Problems, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
Khabarovsk, PhD in Geographic Sciences

The paper presents the results of a study of the chemical composition of snow cover in the Khabarovsk for the 2012-2014. The characteristic of the atmosphere state in the major industrial center of Amur region for such parameters as pH value, electric conductivity, concentration of major ions and biogenic substances is given. To assess the state of the atmosphere the following criteria as: stability or instability of the chemical composition of snow cover, pH value, mineralization, the magnitudes of the relative acidity (pH / pNH4), etc. were used. The intake of substances from the atmosphere to snow cover during the winter seasons, including substances of anthropogenic genesis, was estimated.

Keywords: Khabarovsk, major ions and biogenic substances, mineralization, MPC, pollution, snow, type of chemical composition

Category: 25.00.00 Earth science

Article reference:
Glaciochemical criteria assessment of Khabarovsk atmosphere conditions // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2016. № 12 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://web.snauka.ru/en/issues/2016/12/75274

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