Kristal Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
graduate student

The article gives a detailed description of the main stages of the practical solution of this clinical problem, as a complete secondary adentia, including a comprehensive clinical examination, preparation of treatment plan, the preparation and implementation of the surgical and orthopedic phases of dental prosthetics, management of the recovery period. The distinctive features of our approach include the techniques to implement articulation and mathematical modeling in the simulation configurations, basic and suprastructure components of the prosthesis. Is considered an important factor influencing on the quality of the dental work – an abnormal gag reflex.

Keywords: fully edentulous, gag reflex, implant, mathematical modeling, MDM-therapy, mesodiencephalic modulation, orthopedic bed, osseointegration, prosthetic treatment for edentulous, resorption, voltage bone

Category: 14.00.00 Medicine

Article reference:
Prosthetics with implant at elevated gag reflex // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2016. № 8 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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