Alisova Ekaterina Vasilievna
Moscow University for Industry and Finance «Synergy»
Student, master's degree, law faculty, the Department of Civil law Head of legal Department at law firm "LAW.CITY"

Copyright protection is defined as a set of measures aimed at the restoration or recognition of copyright and related rights and the protection of the interests of their owners when they are disturbed or challenging. The urgency of the problem of copyright protection is that not all features of protection of copyright laid down in the legislation of the Russian Federation, are applied in practice, particularly with regard to copyright protection on the Internet. In addition, the legislation of the Russian Federation and does not provide for responsibility for violation of copyright on the world wide web called the Internet. The aim of this work is to identify actual problems of implementation of Russian legislation in practice on issues connected with the protection of copyright on the Internet and try to take action on this issue, which is daily becoming wider.

Keywords: copyright holder, illegal content, intellectual property, Internet, topical problems of protection of copyright

Category: 12.00.00 Law

Article reference:
Current problems of copyright protection in the network Internet // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2016. № 7 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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