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Tarakanova Tatyana Dmitrievna1, Turinа Elena Borisovna2, Borodina Oksana Alekseevna3, Luspikayan Svetlana Hugasovna4
1Rostov State Medical University, PhD, department of children's diseases №2
2Rostov State Medical University, pediatrician pediatric clinics
3City Children's Hospital №2 Rostov-on-Don, pediatrician
4City Children's Hospital №2 Rostov-on-Don, PhD, a pediatrician

The results of comparative observation of 10-year period approaches to the prescription of corticosteroid medicines for the act of anti-inflammatory therapy of children’s bronchial asthma were presented. Positive trends in adherence of doctors to the recommendations of conciliation documents on the treatment of children with bronchial asthma was noted. Inhalation corticosteroids became the main group of medicine for the act of basic therapy including the patients with mild flow of disease. The main part of patients with serious flow of disease received combined medicines (inhalation corticosteroids + prolonged β2-agonists), also as start therapy. The quantity of patients with adequate at duration courses of using of inhalation corticosteroids grown considerably.

Keywords: bronchial asthma, children, treatment

Category: 14.00.00 Medicine

Article reference:
Corticosteroids in children bronchial asthma: evolution of application in 10-year period // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2016. № 4 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://web.snauka.ru/en/issues/2016/04/66269

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