Pushkin Sergey Viktorovich1, Háva Jiri2, Herrmann Andreas3
1North Caucasian Federal University, Chair of Botany, Zoology and General Biology
2Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic, Department of Forest Protection and Entomology, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences
3Amateur coleopterologist, Germany

As a result of the collecting in 2003–2015 in the south part of European Russia and in the North Caucasus 15 species of the carpet beetles (Dermestidae) were found, which was firstly recorded for the Russian territory or was recently listed without specific information: Dermestes intermedius Kalík, 1951, Dermestes elegans Gebler in Ledebour, 1830, Attagenus fasciolatus (Solsky, 1876), Anthrenus amoenulus Reitter, 1896, Anthrenus zebra Reitter, 1889, Anthrenus latefasciatus Reitter, 1892, Anthrenus olgae Kalik, 1946, Anthrenus tadzhicus Mroczkowski, 1961, Anthrenus hissaricus Mroczkowski, 1961, Anthrenus sordidulus Reitter, 1889, Attagenus ionicus Zhantiev, 2005, Attagenus unicolor simulans Solsky, 1876, Attagenus suspiciosus Solsky, 1876, Ctesias hajeki Háva, 2005, Megatoma conspersa Solsky, 1876.

Keywords: carpet beetles, Coleoptera, Dermestidae, Russia

Category: 03.00.00 Biology

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Interesting discoveries of carpet beetles (Coleoptera; Dermestidae) of the Russia // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2016. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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The faunal lists, carpet beetle (Dermestidae) in Russia and neighboring countries are published in several papers [2-13]. In a recent article [4] presented the first information about the species of 8 from the Chechen Republic including 1 was a new species for Russia. The site of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences ( A.G. Kirejtshuk and R.D. Zhantiev lead to the fauna of Russia 76 species [14]. For the territory of Southern Russia indicated 35 species of [7.8].

The material presented in this paper were collected 2003-2015, S.V. Pushkin, in different districts of Dagestan and odder regions. Was collected using standard methods. Determination is made A. Herrmann and J. Háva; studied material is kept in a private collection of A. Herrmann (Germany, Stade) and in the collection S. Pushkin (Stavropol, Zoological Museum of the North Caucasus Federal University).

Below is a listing of new species for the fauna of Russia. Nomenclature and sequence of taxon are accepted by the System [1]. Annotations include information on distribution (in the States), and the necessary comments.


Dermestes Linnaeus, 1758

Subgenus Dermestinus Zhantiev, 1967

1. Dermestes intermedius intermedius Kalík, 1951

Distribution: Austria; Bulgaria; Czech Republic; Crete; Croatia; Cyprus; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Italy; Macedonia; Romania; Russia: Ingushetia Republic; Slovakia; Turkey; Ukraine [1].

Material. North Ossetia: Neighborhood of the city of Vladikavkaz, 20.05.2010, 3 ex., S.V. Pushkin; Ingushetia: The vicinity of the town of Magas, 25.07.2010, 4 ex, S.V. Pushkin.

Comment. Probably the species imported from neighboring regions due to heavy turnover in recent years.

2. Dermestes elegans Gebler in Ledebour, 1830

Distribution: Turkey; N China; Iran; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Mongolia; Tadzhikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan [1].

Material: 17-22.8.2015 Dagestan: Lakskiy District, near Hulisma village. New to Russia.

Attagenus Latreille, 1802

Subgenus Attagenus s.str.

3. Attagenus fasciolatus (Solsky, 1876)

Distribution: „Caucasus“; Kazakhstan; Mongolia; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Tadzhikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan [1].

Material. Krasnodar region, near the city of Krasnodar, 20.05.2007, 2 ex., S.V. Pushkin; Rostov region, Rostov-on-Don, 19.07.2002, 3 ex., S.V. Pushkin; Region of Stavropol, Stavropol, 20.07.2011, 5 ex., S.V. Pushkin; Kalmykia, Elista, 5.09.2010, 3 ex., S.V. Pushkin; Astrakhan region: Astrakhan, 3.07.2008, 5 ex., S.V. Pushkin; Kharabali, 5.07.2008, 1 ex., S.V. Pushkin.

4. Attagenus ionicus Zhantiev, 2005.

Distribution: Crete; Greece: Samos; Turkey [1].

Material: 17-22.8.2015. Dagestan: Lakskiy District, near Hulisma village, S. V. Pushkin. New to Russia.

5. Attagenus unicolor simulans Solsky, 1876.

Distribution: Afghanistan; China: Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Xingjiang; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Mongolia; Russia; Tadzhikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan [1].

Material: 10-19.7.2015 Dagestan:   Tlyaratinsky District, near Kamiluh village S. V. Pushkin

6. Attagenus suspiciosus Solsky, 1876.

Distribution: Afghanistan; China: Sinkiang; Iran; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Mongolia; Tadzhikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan [1].

Material: 17-22.8.2015.          Dagestan: Lakskiy District, near Hulisma village. S. V. Pushkin. New to Russia.

Anthrenus Geoffroy, 1762

Subgenus Anthrenodes Chobaut, 1898

7. Anthrenus amoenulus Reitter, 1896

Distribution. Afghanistan, «Caspian Lowlands», «Caucasus», Iran, Turkmenistan, Turkey [1]. Here is the first time the actual material from Russia.

Material. Stavropol Territory: Stavropol, 20.07.2013, 3 ex., S.V. Pushkin; 08.20.2014, 2 ex., S.V. Pushkin; Mineral water, 08.02.2013, 2 ex., S.V. Pushkin; 07.06.2014, 3 ex., S.V. Pushkin.

Comment. Perhaps the findings related to the importation of Asian and Caucasian countries. In the Stavropol region has successfully passed to the form commensal lifestyle. In warehouses found its larvae.

Subgenus Anthrenops Reitter, 1881

8. Anthrenus zebra Reitter, 1889

Distribution: Armenia; Azerbaijan; Turkey; Afghanistan; Iran; Turkmenistan [1]. Russia: Chechen Republic [4].

Material. Russia: Chechen Republic, the neighborhood of the village Goragorsky, steppe, mowing net, 20.06.2009, 20 ex., S.V. Pushkin.

9. Anthrenus hissaricus Mroczkowski, 1961.

Material: Dagestan. Tlyaratinsky District, near Kamiluh village S.V. Pushkin. 10.-19.7.2015.  New to Russia.

Subgenus Anthrenus s.str.

10. Anthrenus latefasciatus Reitter, 1892

Distribution:  Russia; Turkey; Afghanistan; „Caucasus“; N China; Iran; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Mandzhuria; Mongolia; North Korea; Pakistan; Russia; Syria; Tadzhikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan [1].

For the territory of the Russian [Háva, 2015], but the actual material here is for the first time.

Material. Rostov region, Rostov-on-Don, 20.06.2003, 1 ex., S.V. Pushkin; Kalmykia, Elista, 10.07.2009, 2 ex., S.V. Pushkin; North Ossetia, Vladikavkaz, 20.08.2010, 3 ex., S.V. Pushkin.

Subgenus Florilinus Mulsant & Rey, 1868

11. Anthrenus olgae Kalik, 1946

Distribution: Austria; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Czech Republic; England; Finland; Germany; Hungary; Latvia; Montenegro; Netherlands; Poland; Slovakia; Sweden; Ukraine; Canada (intr.) [1].

Material. Kalmykia, Elista, 20.07.2006, 3 ex., S.V. Pushkin; Astrakhan region, Astrakhan, 15.08.2011, 2 ex., S.V. Pushkin.

Comment. In Russia, probably imported.

12.    Anthrenus sordidulus Reitter, 1889.

Distribution: Cyprus; Greece: Dodecanese Is., Rhodes I.; Spain; Turkey;  Egypt; Israel; Syria [1].

Material: Dagestan:       Lakskiy District, near Hulisma village S. V. Pushkin, 17-22.8.2015. New to Russia.

Subgenus Solskinus Mroczkowski, 1962

13. Anthrenus tadzhicus Mroczkowski, 1961.

Described from Tajikistan [1].

Material: Dagestan Tlyaratinsky District, near Kamiluh village. S.V. Pushkin. 10-19.7.2015. New to Russia.

Genus Ctesias Stephens, 1830

Subgenus Tiresiomorpha

14. Ctesias hajeki Hava, 2005.

Distribution: Iran. [1].

Material: 10-19.7.2015.          Dagestan.   Tlyaratinsky District, near Kamiluh village. S. V. Pushkin. New to Russia.

Subgenus Pseudohadrotoma Kalik, 1951

15. Megatoma conspersa Solsky, 1876

Distribution: Afghanistan; China: Xinjiang; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan [1].

Material: 17-22.8.2015.          Dagestan: Lakskiy District, near Hulisma village. S.V. Pushkin. New to Russia.

Thus, species composition, carpet beetles (Dermestidae) has on the territory of Russia 88 species. Found the above types of complementary list are available on the website of the Zoological Institute [].

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