Sokolova Svetlana Aleksandrovna1, Frolova Irina Pavlovna2, Muldasheva Al'mira Samigulaevna3
1Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor, Department of Economics and project management in construction
2Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, student
3Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, student

Construction activity is a continuous process, the final result of which is the exaltation of a large number of buildings, structures, and sometimes even whole communities. In building use of legacy and new construction techniques and materials. The practice of building today requires constant use of materials and technologies innovative in nature, i.e. new, not previously used for construction of buildings and structures can comply with all the standards, first and foremost, to be reliable. To implement this in reality used innovative materials and technologies in the construction process as efficiently as possible to confront the operational, atmospheric and other factors. Continuous work on the invention of new building products and technologies is the main task of manufacturers and developers.

Keywords: 3D принтер, 3D-панель

Category: 08.00.00 Economics

Article reference:
The actual innovative building materials // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2016. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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