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Verisova Anna Dmitrievna
Ural State University of Railway Transport
lecturer of foreign languages and cross-cultural communications department

The article is devoted to the specifics of schooling in China. "We are learning while we are alive. And we will learn until we won’t die" it is a phrase which you can hear from the Chinese high school student, and it fully reflects the reality. If you need to achieve something in a country with a population of over one billion, it is necessary to put a lot into the child on the school stage. The whole system of education in China aims at achieving a good result.

Keywords: China, education, exam, school, teacher, teaching.

Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Article reference:
Specifics of schooling in China // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2015. № 11 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://web.snauka.ru/en/issues/2015/11/58864

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