Koroleva Tatiana Sergeevna
National Research University «Higher School of Economics» (Saint-Petersburg brunch)
student of the magister program «Public Administration»

Diffusion of innovations is a theory that tries to explain why and under what conditions new ideas and technologies extend in time among various cultures. This article presents issues of diffusion of innovations (the obstacles for their acceptance, and also ways of their overcoming) that served as the main idea of Everett Rogers' scientific research. Literature review covers all the existing researches of diffusion of innovations in education sphere, medicine and marketing. On the basis of the analysis of the considered works Rogers revealed that the curve of acceptance of an innovation has an S-shaped form.

Keywords: diffusion of innovations, hybrid corns, interpersonal communications

Category: 22.00.00 Sociology

Article reference:
Institutional approach to administrative innovations: E. Rogers' theory // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2015. № 7. P. 5 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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