Akhmadiev Gabdulahat Malikovich
Naberezhnochelninsky State Trade and Technology Institute
Naberezhnochelninsky Institute of Kazan Federal University Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Department of PAE food technology

To understand the current trends shaping the health of the growing organism, it is important to note that the foundations are laid in the viability of the earliest stages of life - during fetal development and the first months and years of life offspring of animals and humans and is largely determined by animal health-parents, primarily mothers . The importance of prenatal development has been recognized only recently. The experimental results led to the unexpected conclusion: the father's genes are responsible for the development of the placenta and maternal genes - for the differentiation of embryonic cells in organs and body parts.
It was found that the offspring of ruminant placental animals, lambs received from ewes that were in the winter period, starting from the second half of pregnancy-suyagnosti the open backyard site with deep litter (experimental group), the level of physiological maturity, the total protein content , calcium, inorganic phosphorus in serum and average daily gain and body weight superior to their peers born to ewes corresponding physiological state (control group) who were kept indoors for sheep and backyard area, ie, Kosharnaya-base method. Incidence lambs in the experimental group was 14.3%, loss of 2.9% in the control group - 55.9 respectively, and 12.7%.
Therefore, based on the above stated, it is possible to offer a natural (natural) technology to produce viable offspring ruminant placental animals.

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Natural and technological bases of producing viable offspring placental ruminant // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2015. № 6. P. 5 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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