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Khairulina Larisa Aleksandrovna
Institute of Geology USC RAS
Bashkir State University

The evolution of the Earth's crust is accompanied mainly by the movement of substances under the influence of tectonic movements. Depending on the type of tectonic movements and relations between the oceanic and continental crusts scientists at different times isolated several hypotheses formation of the crust. Theory of the formation of the Earth's crust, called fiksists combined vertical tectonic movements, as well as a fixed position relative to the mantle tectonic blocks. Modern same hypotheses are based on the concepts mobilistic, they are based on the idea of the predominance of horizontal tectonic movements. In 1967-1970, the establishment of allochthonous occurrence of ultrabasic massifs in the southern Urals marked the beginning of a new global theory of the formation of the Earth's crust, which has proven difficult allochthonous -thrust structure of the Ural Mountains (M.A. Kamaletdinov, Yu. V. Kazantsev, T.T. Kazantseva, V.A. Peive, B.A. Sokolov, S.V. Ruzhentsev, V.V. Yudin et al.). This discovery of the Urals geologists became the biggest achievement in the last 40-45 years, and was an important scientific discovery, to fundamentally change the traditional ideas about the formation of the Earth's crust, the origin and history of the Urals. Was established genetic link with allochthonous mineral structures that create conditions for the generation and accumulation of a deposit. This allowed for the first time to talk about the prospects for oil and gas Ural Orogen, which was previously considered exclusively the province of the ore.

Keywords: Earth's crust, massifs Kraka, mobilism, the hypothesis orogen, the lithosphere, the Urals

Category: 04.00.00 Geology and mineralogy

Article reference:
The theory of the global evolution of the earth crust // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2015. № 5. P. 1 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://web.snauka.ru/en/issues/2015/05/48325

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