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Ryabtseva Natalya Aleksandrovna
Don State Agrarian University
Persianovsky, Department of Agriculture and storage technology of crop production, Candidate of Agricultural Associate Professor

The results of the experiments for the 2003-2010 years on the conditions of adaptation in the primary tillage, sowing methods and links with spring barley crop rotation. Analysis of the data length of periods of vegetative phases barley, plant height, the depth of the tillering node, the number of nodal roots and their length, showed that barley plants grown on moldboard tillage on crops in the crop rotation of cross-links fallow - winter wheat - barley, peas - barley, winter wheat - winter wheat - barley, mix cereal and legume crops - barley, spring wheat - barley had high adaptability to the prevailing conditions.

Category: 06.00.00 Agriculture

Article reference:
Growth and development of spring barley link crop rotation // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2014. № 12. P. 2 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://web.snauka.ru/en/issues/2014/12/42457

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