Satayev Malik Syvambaevich1, Koshkarbayeva Shayzada Turtaevna2, Aueshov Abdrazakh Pernebaevich3
1M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor of Departament "Chemical technology of inorganic substances"
2M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, PhD of Chemical Science, Docent Departament " Chemical technology of inorganic substances"
3M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Laboratory

A comparative analysis of the anodic behavior of iron and iron-phosphorus alloys in different aquatic environments. We found that in areas related potentials active dissolution of iron, the potentials of iron-phosphorus alloy differ little from the potentials of iron. In the passive state of iron effect of phosphorus becomes more prominent. This is due to the difference in composition of the membrane formed on pure iron and iron-phosphorus alloys. A composition of the products of electrolysis at different modes dissolution.

Keywords: active dissolution, anodic behavior, iron-phosphorus alloys, passive state, products of electrolysis

Category: 02.00.00 Chemistry

Article reference:
Аnodic behavior of iron-phosphorus alloys // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2013. № 8 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://web.snauka.ru/en/issues/2013/08/26187

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