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Норманизм в свете факсимильного издания Лаврентьевской летописи в электронном виде

№ 12 (56) December 2015 | Category: 07.00.00 History

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Gumelev V.Y. The political goals of normanism

June, 2013

Kryukov N.M. Antinormanism of the normanist August Schlözer (or what is considered as a nonsense in the Nestor's chronicles)

May, 2016

От моря Варяжского до моря Русского

December, 2018

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Galkin T.O. About Volga regions merya in «Legend of the vocation of the vikings»

November, 2014

Kryukov N.M. Normanizm in the light of facsimile edition of the Lavrentyevskaya Chronicle in electronic format

November, 2015