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Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Вклад древнегреческих ученых в развитие педагогической науки

№ 3 (47) March 2015 | Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Использование компьютерного моделирования в преподавании геометрии

№ 6 (62) June 2016 | Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Педагогические инновации: понятие и проблематика

№ 7 (63) July 2016 | Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Педагогические инновации как элемент KPI в образовании

№ 11 (67) November 2016 | Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Определение учебных мотивов студентов Нижегородского педагогического университета

№ 11 (79) November 2017 | Category: 13.00.00 Pedagogics

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Kobylyanskaya A.I., Konkina E.V., Glazeva M.A. The lullaby and it's role in the forwardness of a child

April, 2016

Кapustina Z.J. The Russian human potential: reserves growth

January, 2017

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Kozlov P.G., Fediuk R.S., Mochalov A.V., Timokhin A.M., Mutalibov Z.A. Designing military roads by students of military training centers in the learning process

June, 2015

Mayer R.V. Dependence of understanding on the speed of information transfer: imitating modeling

January, 2016

Porechnaya E.A. The collective way of learning. «The solution to quadratic equations» (algebra 8th grade)

October, 2016

Kobylyanskaya A.I., Konkina E.V. Lullibies of people all over the world: common and differences

March, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Krylova M.N., Magomedova E.V. Activation of educational activity of students on the practical and seminar classes on psycho-pedagogical disciplines in noncore universities

July, 2015

Gribanova V.A. The personality-activity approach as a basis for organization of educational process on the formation of civil activity of students

August, 2015

Reprintseva E.V., Zyukin D.A. Organizational and methodological support of individual work students

August, 2016

Sergeeva N.M., Zyukin D.A. Using electronic study guides in the educational process

August, 2016

Sergeeva N.M., Zyukin D.A. Modern approaches to training of economists and managers of health care

October, 2016

Lashko A.G. The essence of qualimetric approach as a scientific paradigm

November, 2016