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Отдельные функции органов тюменской милиции по архивным материалам региона

№ 9 (53) September 2015 | Category: 07.00.00 History

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Firsov I.F. Implementation of health surveillance of the state of human settlements and maintain sanitary regime as one of the functions of the police in their formative years

May, 2015

Firsov I.F. Prevention and suppression of fires as one of the functions of the Soviet militia formation period (according to the archive materials of the Tyumen region)

July, 2015

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Firsov I.F. The activities of the police to implement the policies of central and local government in the conditions of the Soviet state

June, 2015

Firsov I.F. Some questions of the organization of policing on the railways (based on the archives of the Tyumen region)

August, 2015

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Firsov I.F. Red banditry and the Soviet police in the archival documents of the Tyumen region

June, 2015