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Евреи в СССР в 1950-1980-е гг.

№ 10 (42) October 2014 | Category: 07.00.00 History

Евреи Пензенской области во второй половине 1940 – первой половине 1960-х гг.

№ 1 (45) January 2015 | Category: 07.00.00 History

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Pulkin M.V. The political exile: Russian-Jewish encounter in extreme conditions (based on the European North of Russia)

June, 2013

Silvanovich S.A. On the question of the ethnic composition of the Bialystok region in 1939 – 1941, BSSR

January, 2015

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Pulkin M.V. The laws of the Jews in the XIX century and the beginning of the formation of the Jewish Diaspora in the European North of Russia

September, 2013

Pulkin M.V. Legal status of Russian Jews in the XIX-early XX century (Russian historiography)

February, 2014

Mebaduri S.Z., Korolev A.A., Koroleva L.A. Emigration from the USSR and the West (1950-1980th)

October, 2014

Gorbunov N.V. Legal status of the Jewish people in the Russian Empire at the end of XVIII – the first quarter of the XIX centuries

May, 2015

Egorov V.V. The policy of the government of the Russian empire against the Jewish population in the first quarter of the XIX century

August, 2015