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Khasanova Alina Haritova1, Loskutova Olga Nikolaevna2
1Tyumen state Academy of world economy, management and law, 4th year student
2Tyumen state Academy of world economy, management and law, senior lecturer

Takaful or Islamic insurance is by far the fastest growing trend in today's financial world. In 2012the volume of resources involved in this sector amounted to 11 million dollars, and in the past 5 years this figure has increased by more than 2.5 times. The absolute leader of Islamic insurance is Saudi Arabia, which occupies half of the market, followed by countries in South Gulf and East Asia. The number of operators Takaful insurance worldwide, including non-Muslim country, today is about 200 firms.

Keywords: financial institutions, Islamic insurance, mutual aid, reinsurance

Category: 08.00.00 Economics

Article reference:
Islamic insurance – Takaful // Modern scientific researches and innovations. 2015. № 3. P. 3 [Electronic journal]. URL: http://web.snauka.ru/en/issues/2015/03/50627

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